Custom Electronics

Here are some examples of what your guitar or bass could do!

Stock to Rock!!!!

Strat series tone mod.

Series/Parallel wiring!

Imagine being able to play your strat stock and when you need it roll the middle tone knob down and play the middle and bridge pickups in series like a higher output humbucker! with no strat hum!

If you want that big jazz sound switch to the neck and roll back the middle tone and you have a series humbucking pickup for huge tone! All with stock controls…no new parts!

 “You ain’t played a strat till Big John puts the MOJO on it!”

– Wildman

Series tone mod for Gibsons (depending on PUs)

Now this is a versatile mod. The top tone knob is used to blend the stock sound with the series sound.

  • Tone all the way up is stock sound
  • Tone all the way down is all four coils in series for a huge solo sound
  • In between are some of the coolest sounds a Les Paul, SG, or 335 ever made, from a tele to an out of phase funk machine! This mod turns a Gibson into a do it all wonder guitar with no visible change to the instrument.

 “The series wiring you did on my Les Paul is unbelievable. I can get so many sounds and more tone than before. The coolest sound is a blend between series and stock that sounds doubled like two guitars playing. Thanks Big John!”

– Craig

Tele series mod

This mod uses the stock 3-way switch to play both pickups in series in the middle position instead of the weak stock sound. So now, when you step up to solo let them feel it! Same pickups same switch big tone!

“Man my tele is kicking butt with the switch rewired. Thanks.”

– Dustin

Dual coil tap pan for Gibsons

This mod uses one of the tone knobs on a Gibson to pan from humbucker to single coil on both pickups. No new parts.

Now you can get all the twang and sparkle you want from that rock n roll machine.

Series mod for jazz bass

This is a must for J basses. No more thin tone. This mod uses one of the volume knobs to pan from stock sound to both pickups in series. Now your J bass will get that big humbucker tone. The blend in between gets the scooped parallel sounds as well.

“Wow the J bass is playing so good now and the series push/pull sounds so rich it’s all I play.”

– Jason

Push/pull treble/bass (includes pot)

This mod goes in place of a standard tone control. Pull up for bass cut and push down for tone control, and take the mush out of that neck PU

Super switch/Power strat 

This includes $20 switch: This uses a 4p 5t super switch. All hum canceling

  1.  Bridge and middle pickups in series for a fat humbucker tone
  2.  Bridge and middle pickups in parallel sparkle clean
  3.  All 3 pickups in series for a huge solo sound
  4.  Neck and middle pickups in parallel fat clean
  5.  Neck and middle in series for a neck humbucker tone

Blastercaster rewire stock 5way

This uses the stock switch to get some huge tone out of a strat!

  1.  Bridge and middle in series with a tight filter
  2.  Middle single coil… the only one that hums
  3.  Bridge and middle series no filter fat solo and chunk
  4.  Bridge and neck series thru middle pickup for a big scooped tone
  5.  Neck and middle in series fat humbucker in the neck tone

4PDT series /parallel  includes switch

This works on a dual humbucker guitar where one small switch for both pickups: series is fat humbucker sounds and parallel for strat sounds with no hum.

Push/pull SERIES/STOCK J bass includes switching pot

No more thin J bass if you want…pull for both pickups in series for a huge tone. push down for stock J bass.

Esquire stock 3way series/parallel/single coil

This requires some sort of tele mini humbucker with 4 connectivity wiring.

  1.  Single coil stock tele tone
  2.  Both coils parallel tele tone no hum
  3.  Both coils in series rock the house!

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have been searching for tone, I can help you find what you’ve been looking for, and you might just see me working on your guitar on stream.