For 30+ years, I have been modifying and improving import, American, and custom-made guitars to make them exponentially more playable, shreddable, and comfortable for their owners. Whether it’s a top shelf Fender, a bottom tier Epiphone, or a PLEKed Gibson fresh off the assembly line, there is always room for adjustment. The older or more “customized” a guitar is, the greater the potential need. Even those “diamond in the rough” unicorns you find hanging on a pawn shop wall that seem perfect can be finely dialed in to squeeze that extra bit of playability out of them.

I currently stream on Kick.com to share knowledge and techniques that are beneficial to those interested in learning how to do setups, adjustments, etc on their own.

The more complicated stuff can be found on my Patreon. For $.17 a day, you gain access to detailed videos and a peek into the techniques I’ve developed over the years.

This site is currently undergoing a redesign and more information will come. I’m always here if you need me…feel free to email me or DM me on social media.